About Us

We have so much going on in our lives that it is hard to keep track of everything. It is rather difficult to remember important dates or events related to friends, family, office colleagues, our kids, their school friends, their teachers and the list just goes on. Add to it the gifting part and that's when it gets overwhelming - to the point that some of these important days just pass by with hardly any action on our part. Pity isn't it?

Birthdays, especially, are always a lot of fun and a time to celebrate. However, the day itself is quite significant for the person whose birthday it is and although most of us do not admit it, we secretly hope and wish that we are remembered our birthday and even better if we received some cool gifts too.

We feel that in today's fast paced Wi-Fi-enabled world there is a need to make reminders and gifting an easier task to keep up with. That's how BirthdayOwlTM came into existence - to cater to this need.

Our Purpose

We believe in the power of relationships and are passionate about what we do. Together with our members, we share the conviction that nurturing relationships and making a difference in people’s lives, is the most important way we can spend our time. And while we are at it, we hope our efforts will contribute to making the world a more thoughtful, caring and fun place.

Our Mission

Is to provide a high quality event reminder app integrated with several great features which users would use on a regular ongoing basis as it would make their social lives better. Where gifting becomes as easy as counting numbers from one to ten.

Our Vision

Is to be the best reminder & gifting app in the world.

Our initial market research surveys and customer feedback collected across several locations around the world indicated that people usually received gifts that they either did not quite like or had very little utility value. That's when we realized that it would be so much better to offer E-gift card options to our users so that they could gift their loved ones a broad range of gift options bundled into a single pre-paid e-gift voucher across various categories to suit their interests, personality and lifestyle. Besides, you know best what your recipient would possibly like to receive, isn't it?

If you prefer something with touch and feel, then we also have lots of options of beautiful flowers and cakes, which you may choose to be delivered to your recipient on the required date.

Our team has, since then, been relentlessly working on the concept, development and integration of the applications, E-gifts, E-greetings with audio & video, Flowers & Cakes and other features to make it so easy for you to use.

So, from now on, thanks to BirthdayOwlTM, you will no longer forget any birthday or other important dates. Simply register with us and better still, download our app and elevate yourself to that 'favorite person status' amongst your friends and family as you will always be the first one to reach out to them on their special days.

Watch this space for more news, information and blogs about us as we move along.


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